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Sonenblum Woodworks is committed to bringing client's concepts to fruition.  Having a BFA in Sculpture and 12 years experience in the custom cabinetry field, Ben Sonenblum excels at one of a kind, detail oriented projects.  The joy that comes with creating custom furniture and cabinetry is immense, from sketching an initial concept to solidifying a plan with a client and bringing a product to life. 

Established in 2016 in Pittsburgh, PA, Sonenblum Woodworks relocated to Eugene, OR in 2019 and continues to work with commercial and residential clients.  Sonenblum Woodworks looks forward to meeting new clients in the Eugene/Springfield metro area and welcomes regional/national opportunities.   Sonenblum Woodworks is located at 490 Seneca Rd Unit 12 Eugene Oregon.

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